Article: Notes From The February 16, 2013 CMW Meeting

February 18, 2013 08:13, submitted by Tina Collison (author: Greg Schramek, President)

Please click the link at right to view the Notes from the February 16, 2013 CMW Meeting by Greg Schramek, President. Our demonstrator was JIM BARBOUR from Elon University, NC.

According to Jim, he initially made things because he could not afford to buy finished items -- early graduate student chic you might say. Now he makes things for the joy of the making, being careful to use only sustainable woods and food safe finishes. He finds the exploration of wood to be eternally fascinating; there is absolutely no telling what will be found and set free in any piece. He enjoys turning everything from large platters to small finials for ornaments; today he will make a gavel. Jim makes his living as a Professor of Economics at Elon University, NC, but the shop (or is it a studio?) must, by agreement with his wife, pay for itself.