Article: Mountain Fair 'Help Turning' And 'General Support' Guidlines

July 25, 2016 09:37, submitted by Tucker Garrison

Guidlines for 'Help Turning' (adapted form AAW student guidelines)

 Introduce yourself to the student (first name only is suggested) and ask the students their name. Tell them you are there to help and encourage them to ask you questions if they need help.

 Make certain the area is safe and the student works safely – i.e. lathe speed is appropriate, long hair/jewelry/clothing/etc. is secured, correct tool is selected by the student.

 Make sure the lathe is appropriate for the student’s height – risers are available if needed.

 While the students are turning, observe closely, but don’t hover. Give them time to get the feel of the tools and discover what works. Don’t “jump in” unless they are clearly stuck and/or doing something that is unsafe. Stay on the same side of the lathe as the student.

 Help the student by guiding their hands so the piece is still theirs – do not remove the tool from their hands. Do not turn.

 Allow the students to develop their own “designs.” Examples are provided. Give them latitude to make the piece as they want. Refrain from imposing your own design ideas.

 Be encouraging at all times.

Guidlines for 'General Support'

 Register students at the sign in desk.

 Keep tools and project blanks organized on the center tables.

 Sweep up shavings around lathes

 Provide information about CMW and sign folks up to join CMW and attend scheduled one day classes