Event: Annual Auction CMW Members Only

Start: November 18, 2017 9:00 am
End: November 18, 2017 1:00 pm

The CMW Auction is for members only, to attend please join prior to the auction. There will be bargains on used lathes and accessories, turning tools and high quality turning wood.
The CMW Auction will take place at 9 am November 18 at the Folk Art Center, the auction will begin as soon as all items are registered. There will be no break for lunch, the auction is usually over before 1 pm.
Listing your items prior to the auction will encourage increased attendance and will likely result in a higher price for your item. Please send a list of items you will be bringing to the auction to Tucker Garrison 28tuck1@gmail.com . A list of items to be auctioned will be sent to all members prior to the auction.
For payment, we accept cash or checks only (sorry, no credit cards).

The auction will include some demo pieces that our demonstrators since last December have left with us or taken home and finished and returned to us. All of the proceeds from the sale of these items and all other donated items will go to the club to help bring more great demonstrators in the future. Of course, you may (actually encouraged to) bring items and donate them to the club and take a tax deduction for their fair value.

If you want to sell something wood working related and not donate it, you may bring your woodturnings, used tools or wood to be sold at auction. (All green wood must be high quality with no checks and cut to length and sealed.) The club will receive 20% of the sale price and you will get the rest. All items will be sold to the highest bidder. If you have an item that is valued at $100 or more, you may put a minimum bid on it if you choose. If it doesn’t get your minimum bid, there is no cost to you and you get to take it back home.

If you have a large piece of equipment, you can bring a large 8”x10” picture and full description (large enough for the camera to project it on the TV) and the item can be sold subject to the buyer inspecting it as to being as described. Large items should be brought to the back door of the auditorium. Here is a link to directions to the Folk Art Center back door: http://www.carolinamountainwoodturners.org/articles/555 .

If you have a lot of pieces to sell, send an email to John Hill, johnhill345@gmail.com and you will be furnished with forms to pre-register so things will go quicker at the auction.

If you are bringing items to sell at the November CMW Auction and would like to speed up the registration process, you can do the following procedure: You can place a sticker on each piece that you want to sell (not items that you want to donate). Each sticker should have your 3 initials followed by the item number. For example: JRH-1, JRH-2, JRH-3……etc. The stickers should not fall off and should be easy to read. When you arrive, we will give you a special sheet to fill out where you will list and describe all of the items that you are selling.

We always need volunteers to help with registering the bidders, keeping records of sales, moving the pieces, etc. If you or your spouse would like to help let John Hill know.

If you have questions please contact John Hill.

John Hill