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These members have contributed above and beyond the minimum dues. We owe them our thanks. Through their generosity, we are able to fulfill our mission of educating woodturners and the public about the art and craft of woodturning by bringing world renown turners to Asheville. CMW is a not-for-profit charitable organization with 501(c)(3) status. If you would like to make a tax deductible charitable contribution, please contact us.

Patron $1000+
Steven Slater
Scott Shafer
John Hill
Sponsor $250+
David Ellsworth
Alan Leland
Don McClure
Alan Wasserman
Bruce Pratt
Thomas Crothers
Tom and Kimberly Whelan
Brian Johnson
Russell Stanton
Jeff Lindsey
Charles Johnson
Supporter $100+
Michael McLain
Holland Van Gores
Contributor (up to $100)
Melissa Gunther
Gregory Schramek
Tim Swihart
Marti Royo
Robert Leri
John Stiehler
Roger Gauthier
James Johnston
Michael Justice
Mike Seltzer
Jim Kilton
Tom Demoretcky
John Brown
Gordon Gilomen
Bill Rucker
Pat Thobe
Allen Robinson
Laurie Bingaman Lackey
Buz Buzogany
Bill Britt
Aubrey Rogers
Ross Lynch
Mitchell Union
Mike Cruce
Norm Lantz
Kevin Felderhoff
Carlos Kennedy
Tucker Garrison
Irvin Saron
Bill Nash
Billy Griffin
Dick Shulman
Joe Atzenhoffer
Timothy Colvin
Steve Miller

Contributor up to $50+

Samuel Stone
John Tandy
Ken Fissel
Billy Griffin
Edward Fradley
Kathryn (Kit) Schmeiser
Phil Pratt
Robert Maynard
Jack Edmonston
Brian Comolli
Lan Brady
Paul Andrews
Tom Crawford
David Maynard
Patricia Rasmussen
Mark Haller
Fred Lindsay
Ray Jones
Tom Hudson
Randy Swing
Bruce Bayle
Rick Houck
Luther Barnes
Gerald Saunders
Michael George
Arlyn Larson
Robert Steck
William Signorini
Irvin Saron
Barry Jones
David Ellsworth
Keith Sizemore