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Welcome to Carolina Mountain Woodturners (CMW), a non-profit club dedicated to woodturning as both a craft and art form. CMW is a educational Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW). If new to CMW, start exploring from the About Us tab.  If you are a current member, login or explore the links below.


Jeff Wyatt

When Jeff Wyatt is not working in the oil refinery, you would find him in his workshop shop in Middle Tennessee. Jeff has been published in numerous magazine articles including This Old House Magazine and American Association of Woodturners. He has taken numerous classes with Greg Pennington, Jeff Lefkowitz, David Ellsworth, Luke Barnett & Trent Bosch.


Jeff will demonstrate how to craft chair legs, which will involve steam bending materials and some off-the-lathe work.

Jeff Wyatt's Photo

Jeff Wyatt's Photo

Jeff Wyatt's Photo


December 16,  2023

Melissa Engler and Graeme Priddle

Melissa Engler and Graeme Priddle have been collaborating on sculptural wood art in their Grovewood Village studio since 2015. This husband-and-wife team maintains a busy exhibition schedule, while also teaching woodturning workshops around the globe.

Melissa holds a B.A. in sculpture from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. She is also a graduate of Haywood Community College’s Professional Crafts Program, where she studied furniture making. Her work has been featured in Carolina Home + Garden, WNC Magazine, Woodwork Magazine, and American Craft. Engler’s interest in conservation and her love of the outdoors inspires her work in wood. She hopes that her sculptures “convey a sense of our primal connection to our environment and evoke an awareness of its tenuous state.”

Graeme Priddle has been a woodworker for over 25 years and is widely known for turned and carved sculptural work. Many of his sculptures reflect the life and environment of his home country, New Zealand. His work has received numerous awards and has been exhibited worldwide. Priddle is very active in the woodturning world. He served on the committee of the New Zealand National Association of Woodturners for five years and was instrumental in establishing CollaboratioNZ, a biennial week-long art event based in Whangārei Heads, New Zealand.


January 20, 2024

Glenn Schmidt

Glenn began woodturning in 2009. His part-time hobby became a burning passion in 2016 when he took his first class at John C Campbell Folk School, built a new studio, invested in more equipment, joined the Carolina Mountain Woodturners and the American Association of Woodturners. Glenn served as a CMW board director for four years. After retiring as a corporate project manager in March of 2017, Glenn has been assisting instructors and teaching at the Folk School. He enthusiastically focuses on the enjoyment and art of woodturning. 


Explore the journey from a rough plank to a disc then a rounded dome for a multi-axis wall hanging in this demonstration designed for new and seasoned woodturners. He will start with conventional tool sharpening and demonstrate Wolverine jigs with a few of his enhanced techniques. 

His demonstration will continue with designing a multi-axis layout and how to transfer the design to the blank, followed by drilling the blank in preparation for his multi-axis turning demonstration. Other activities will include, a paint pouring process and a tilted dome turning process for further paint enhancement opportunities. Later in the day he will demonstrate how to turn a picture frame that can be used for a multi-axis wall hanging, a paint pouring or a mirror frame.


This workshop is for students who like to think outside the box and express themselves creatively. We’ll start the day with everyone completing a paint pour project. Then you’ll learn and practice the steps to design and create a Multi-axis Wall Hanging. This workshop is designed for students of all skill levels who know how to operate a lathe safely.

Flow of the Multi-axis wall hanging workshop

  • J Demo 7-minute project. Turn small dome & quick paint pour 
  • * Students do paint pours
  • Discuss Multi-axis – Handout
  • J Demo cutting dome, sanding and developing design.
  • * Students turn larger dome, sand and design their pattern   
  • Lunch break
  • J Demo Transfer design to back of project, drilling process 
  • * After student’s pattern is approved, they will transfer their pattern and drill their holes 
  • J Demo Cutting pattern on dome 
  • * Students work to finish their wall hanging 

 Workshop tools and materials

  • Glenn will provide a class project handout, two wood blanks, graph paper and paint for student projects. 
    1. Material fee will be $15 per student.
  • Glenn will loan each student a custom point tool, a compass and jam chuck leather. 
  • CMW will provide the following tools for each student enrolled
    1. 1/2” bowl gouge
    2. 3/8” spindle gouge
    3. Bedan turning tool
    4. Chuck with jaws that will open to grab a 2-1/16” Mortise
    5. Screw Chuck (that fits above chuck)
    6. Ruler (10” or longer)
    7. Pencil

Glenn Schmidt-demo3

February 17,  2024

George Jones III began the craft of woodturning in 2008. Since then he has studied with a number of internationally renowned wood artists, and has studied at the Arrowmount School of the Arts in Gatlinburg, TN. Exposure to artists working in other media at the school has allowed George to develop a unique perspective by incorporating some of these techniques in his work. In 2020 became a member of the Board of Governors for Arrowmont.


March 16, 2024


New members may sign up online or in person at a monthly demonstration. Membership is only $35.00 a year. Learn more about CMW.

Renewing members should log in and complete the membership renewal online or in person at a monthly demonstration. 


Joining Carolina Mountain Woodturners comes with a host of exclusive benefits, allowing you to fully engage in the art of woodturning.