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Link to Mark’s website

Mark Gardner is our demonstrator on Jan. 19, 2019, and will be conducting a full day workshop on Sunday, Jan. 20. Mark will make the trek all the way from Saluda and will bring his customary enthusiasm and vast knowledge with him. He’s been with us in the past and his presentations have always been greatly anticipated.
Mark has taught extensively at Arrowmont, John C. Campbell Folk School, and others, and has been in numerous exhibitions nationwide.
His demo will focus on making hollow forms using green wood, much the way one would make a lidded box, but with the lid glued back on. Clever fellow, Mark is.
He’ll show you techniques for making a precise joint to help insure that the piece stays together as it dries. Time will be spent demonstrating various ways to then hide the seam in the vessel. The vessel will also have handles.

Link to write up of Mark’s demonstration