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Carolina Mountain Woodturners is led by a dedicated team of officers responsible for overseeing its operations and activities, ensuring the club's smooth functioning, from organizing meetings and events to managing finances and communications. In addition to these officers, the club relies on various appointed and volunteer positions, each making unique contributions to its success. Collectively, these dedicated individuals are the driving force behind Carolina Mountain Woodturners, working diligently to nurture a vibrant and supportive community of woodturning enthusiasts.


Anne OggPresident828-620-1765
Tim TuckerVice President828-329-5339
Susan RennieTreasurer
Jo MillerSecretary
Thomas CrothersDirector828-505-6248
Kevin FelderhoffDirector940-372-2582
Ron GillilandDirector828-242-6184
Tucker GarrisonDirector828-883-8831
Ken BradyDirector828-817-2578