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John Lucas Demonstrates for CMW on October 20, 2018

CMW was privileged to have John Lucas be the demonstrator for October, 2018. He lives in Sparta, Tenn. He has been a member of AAW since 1994. He has previously demonstrated nationally, regionally and locally. He was also featured in the 2017 December 32:6 Journal of American Woodturner Magazine.

The morning session focused on turning and constructing a hand held mirror.

A very detailed outline, including photos, was provided by John Lucas and linked below.

The afternoon session, part 1, focused on turning a gift ornament and an outline was also provided and is attached as a separate file as well.

Part 2 dealt with tips concerning painting and embellishing.

An article related to this is available for separate purchase from or by subscribing to ” More Woodturning Magazine”.

Link to Painted Natural Edge Bowls

Link to Mirror instructions

Link to Turning a Gift Ornament instructions

John Lucas can be contacted at his email address [email protected]

Author – Mike Seltzer